National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS)

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National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS)

The Centrally Sponsored Scheme “National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS)” was launched in May, 2008. National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) EXAM ONLINE QUIZ NO 1.It is implemented by the Department of School Education & Literacy under the Ministry of Human Resource Development.


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The objective of the scheme is to award scholarships to meritorious students of economically weaker sections to arrest their drop out at class VIII and encourage them to continue the study at secondary stage. Scholarship of Rs. 12000/- per annum (Rs.1000/- per month) per student is awarded to selected students every year for study in classes from IX to XII in State Government, Government aided and local body schools.

There is quota of scholarships for different states/UTs. Students whose parental income from all sources is not more than Rs. 1,50,000/- are eligible to avail the scholarships. There is reservation as per State Government norms.

The selection of students award of the scholarships is made through an examination conducted by the State Governments. Scholarships are disbursed by the State Bank of India directly into the bank accounts of students on quarterly basis.

The students studying in “Kendriya Vidalayas and “Jawahar Vavodaya Vidlayas” are not entitled to get scholarship under this scheme. Similarly, those students studying in Residential Schools run by the State Government Institutions, where facilities like boarding, lodging and education are provided and students studying in private schools are also not eligible for the scholarship under this scheme.

NMMS – Objective

Initiated in May 2008, NMMS Scholarship aims to motivate bright and disadvantaged students to complete their secondary and higher secondary level of education so as to improve the dropout rate from schools after class 8. Every year, students of class 9 to 12 appear for two levels of selection tests at the state level to avail the benefits of National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship for class 9 to 12 regular students of government schools.


NMMS – Award

NMMS disburses a total of 100,000 scholarships every year at the rate of INR 12000 per annum, i.e. INR 1000 per month, to the selected students. Under National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship, the scholarship amount is paid by State bank of India (SBI) on one go. The amount is directly transferred into the students’ accounts through Public Financial Management System (PFMS). The number of scholarships allocated to each State and UT is done on the basis of students’ enrolment in class 7 & 8 and their population in the respective states. The details of the NMMS amount are highlighted below.

  • The students of class 9 receive a scholarship amount on one go, i.e. INR 12000 per annum, for an academic year after registration on NSP portal.
  • The scholarship is renewed every year till the student completes his/her Higher Secondary level of education (Class 12), provided the candidate gets clear promotion into higher class every year.


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