Children University AnandYatra 2023

Children University AnandYatra 2023

Many people look back with pleasure on their favourite stories from childhood. Story time with your children can be a special time they remember all their lives. Whether you tell stories or read from books, stories are one of the ways children learn to enjoy reading. The books and people they read about can become like friends.

Reading aloud to babies and children is important in their early years and has an impact on their development and future learning. Stories can help children cope with many feelings and problems and they learn things about the world just by enjoying the story.

Story time builds good relationships and should not be withdrawn as a ‘punishment’.

Books make great presents – give them for birthdays, Christmas or just a special treat.

Many children remember their story times for the rest of their lives. Most importantly they will thrive on spending time with you.

Young children can learn about the world from books. Showing simple pictures and naming what they are helps young children learn what things are called and develops literacy.

Children can learn about people and their lives and things such as size, colour, shape and what things look like. From ‘The Three Bears’ children learn about numbers and space – that there were three bears, one father, one mother and one baby bear. They learn about big and little and inside and outside.

Children University AnandYatra 2023


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