Celebration of Indian Republic Day 26 January

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Celebration of Indian Republic Day 26 January. The Indian Republic Day is fast approaching, this day is certainly a day to reflect and respond to all the sacrifices made and the wars fought to make India a sovereign republic. However, with the independence and the struggles associated with it beaming more and more historic or old; there is a growing fear that the youth of today are not able to understand the magnitude of what transpired before 1947.

Celebration of Indian Republic Day 26 January 

History of Indian Republic Day


India got her independence on 15th August 1947. The laws of governance were however based on the colonial Government of India Act 1935 in a modified way and the nation was a Dominion under Governor General Mountbatten and George VI as head of the state.

So, India still did not have a permanent Constitution of its own. A draft of the Indian Constitution was presented by the Drafting Committee on 4th November 1947 with the Assembly meeting consistently for over a period of 2 years, 11 months and 18 days and discussing the matter till an agreed upon version of the Constitution was finalized; On 24th January 1950, the Assembly signed two copied of the document in Hindi and English. The Constitution of India came into being on 26th January 1950 at 10.18 AM 1st. This day has been known as the Republic Day of India since then. This day is celebrated as a tribute to the declaration of the Constitution of India.

National Holiday

26th January of every year is declared a National Holiday as the Republic Day of India is considered to be a National Festival. The entire nation celebrates the day and the ceremonies from New Delhi are broadcast live on television for the millions of viewers.

Chief Guests

The honourable chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations is different each year; the head of the state or ruling government of other countries are invited. India being a peace – loving nation strives to maintain good relations and enrich the connections with nations of the world and thus invites the guests of honour based or, diplomatic, strategic, or international geopolitict

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Celebration of Indian Republic Day 26 January

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Celebration of Indian Republic Day 26 January

Moreover, there is a threat that if people are not reminded enough about India’s Republic Day, and the reason ing behind the celebration of it, people may soon forget their history and treat the day as yet another holiday. There-fore, it is in India’s best interest that Indians acknowledge the importance of the day and celebrate the independence that their forefathers dreamt of and fought for. That said, here are things that you might want to know and understand about India’s Republic Day and the traditions that govern it.



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